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Islandwide Crafts & Food Expo, Honolulu, HI - Christmas craft fair

Want to join us as a VENDOR? 

  • If you make and/or design your own crafts or foods, and

  • You are based in Hawaii or
    you have Hawaii ties, and 

  • You're creative and enthusiastic ..

 ... We want to connect with you!

To request a vendor application,
go to
Or use our QR code:

Some of our main requirements for Vendors:


A Hawaii General Excise Tax License is REQUIRED to sell at our expo. You must provide your Hawaii GET license number on your application. To get a GET license, contact the state Business Action Center at (808) 586-2545.
More info:


Every item for sale must be self-made and quality-guaranteed. Accepted products also include premade items embellished with original designs, or designs from patterns/kits. All products should be of the highest quality. Items not meeting these standards must be refunded, exchanged, or adjusted to meet craft/quality requirements, upon request of the customer and/or show production team. 


Items NOT ALLOWED for sale include, but are not limited to: IMPORTED ITEMS, items made by others, unmounted gems (including pearls), metal chains, and craft supplies. The show production team reserves the right to request any Vendor to remove any product in question. Failure to comply may lead to a revocation of participation.

Every product intended for sale must be listed on the application for approval from our show production team. Additional/new items may be called in after an application has been submitted. New applicants, and vendors with new products, should submit photos of products for approval. Please include a self-addressed stamped envelope if you need photos returned.

Got a question about being a vendor? 

Email us at — or just use our Contact form
(it goes to the same inbox!)

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